...on becoming a creative Art Therapist

This week I am beginning my journey as an Intern with Hand Bent Banana Arts and Health Centre. I am excited to be able to explore creative and healing practices through the activities and programs that the Centre offers. This opportunity will provide me with hands on experience to plan and facilitate therapeutic workshops, and develop psychoeducational resources for wellbeing. I am very much looking forward to expand my network within the arts, health and wider communities and learn more about the grants.

I am at the end of my second year of the Bachelor of Art Therapy with Ikon Institute. An amazing path of self-discovery, insight and healing. I am learning much about therapeutic processes and healing properties of creative arts through safe and supported facilitation processes.

As a Team Leader in finance for the state government, I was officially recognised for supporting staff, receiving awards for ‘Focusing on our People,’ and ‘Partnerships and Connections’. I realised then, that I could make a difference in the wider community. I started my educational and creative journey by working in early childhood care and dabbled in my own artistic and mindfulness techniques at home. I saw creativity and exploring nature as key to strengthen trusted relationships, building confidence, independence and joy in the children. So, when I discovered the Bachelor of Art Therapy Course, I saw the chance to work towards an incredibly rewarding future in community services, combine my passions, needs and strengths together with a thirst for knowledge as an Art Therapist.

Over these next 12 weeks of practicum with Hand Bent Banana Art and Health Centre, I have an opportunity to put my studies into practice, through group work, community engagement and sharing these experiences with others on an academic level.

I’m honoured to have the guidance and support of Glenda Needs as my Practicum Supervisor and Karleen Gwinner as my workplace supervisor and mentor.

At the end of my work placement experience, I expect that I will be better able to identify the needs of a community/group, and plan for therapeutic approaches and art modalities to meet these needs. Reflection of my experience and evaluation of the workshops will provide me with valuable knowledge and insight on my future practice as an Arts Therapist. Over the coming weeks I will keep you dear reader, posted as to what I learn in this blog. Stay tuned and stay well.


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